Blueberry Knoll from Basin Ponds


Blueberry Knoll in Katahdin’s North Basin as viewed in late afternoon October light from the shoreline of one of the Basin Ponds. My friend and I hiked into the North Basin on the North Basin trail and returned to the Chimney Pond trail via the North Basin Cutoff trail. The Basin Pond viewpoint was a perfect resting spot before our hike back down to Roaring Brook.

Dry Pond Meadow


Yesterday my friend Khusro and I hiked up to Chimney Pond in Baxter State Park. He had been near Baxter once or twice but had never actually been in the Park. It was a special day for me to have the chance to introduce my good friend to a place that’s so special to me. On the way to Chimney Pond we stopped at Dry Pond and did lots of rock hopping over to this beautiful meadow. The weather was perfect. I know we’ll be back there together more than once!