Northwest Basin


Davis Pond is in the remote Northwest Basin of Katahdin in Maine’s Baxter State Park. My hike proved to be a true “adventure,” as I planned to continue hiking from the Northwest Basin to Chimney Pond. I woke up in the lean-to only to discover that what was originally forecast as a sunny day turned out to be rainy, complete with thunder and lightning — certainly not a good day to be on the summit of any mountain. The only safe option was to retrace my 14-or-so mile trek back to my original starting point at Roaring Brook. As the Baxter staff emphasizes, the mountain will still be there for another day.

It’s Raining Rocks


In The Maine Woods, Henry David Thoreau described Katahdin as “… a vast aggregation of loose rocks, as if sometime it had rained rocks, and they lay as they fell on the mountain sides, nowhere fairly at rest, but leaning on each other, all rocking-stones, with cavities between, but scarcely any soil or smoother self. They were the raw materials of a planet dropped from an unseen quarry….”

This view from the tableland shows Chimney Pond (lower right) and clouds forming over the North Basin.