Lighter on the trail…


I’m as passionate about hiking as I am about nature photography. My primary camera body is the full-frame Nikon D850, a high resolution (45 megapixels) DSLR that produces incredibly detailed images. Since I like going on hikes anywhere from 2 to 10 hours long, the weight of the D850 becomes a real problem, so I decided to get the Nikon Z50, a very light mirrorless body, along with two incredibly light lenses that will cover virtually any subject I find on the trail.

This shot is one of the first I made with “Z,” and I’m very pleased with the quality. Seems there are a lot of mushrooms popping up early this year. The unusual, amoeba-like shape of this one caught my eye as I was hiking around the stream on the Sanders Hill loop in the Kennebec Highlands.

One thought on “Lighter on the trail…

  1. Glenn, A very nice picture. I hope a little lighter Z makes you feel more comfortable. And good for your knees. Stay well…


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